Barracks Reuse—Youth Science Camp  Marina

In 1998, the City of Marina was conveyed a 15-acre site known as the National Parks Service parcel.  Included on the site were 46 barracks buildings plus a swimming pool building and sports arena.  Knowing that all other barracks buildings were to be demolished, Marina wished to explore the     concept of preserving this historically significant group of buildings. 


Congleton Architect was commissioned to develop a Master Plan for reuse of the barracks and sports complex as a Youth Science Camp.  The character of the buildings, hillside site, and proximity to the ocean and green belt areas made this property a logical place for a camp.  Congleton proposed removing selected barracks to create an auto-free pedestrian outdoor space threading through the rectilinear barracks grid.  Parking and service functions were kept to the perimeter of the site. 


Barracks buildings were designed for adaptive reuse as   dormitories, science classroom spaces, and dining halls– uses not unlike their original functions. Extensive work required for hazardous material abatement, barrier free access, and fire protection of the wood buildings, made the project economically unfeasible.