Saint Patrick Mission Church- Denver


St. Patrick Mission Church was constructed at the corner of   Thirty-Third and Pecos streets in 1908.  In the 1960’s, the entire church was painted “wedding cake white”.  The elastomeric paint formed a moisture seal, which subsequently blistered and spalled.  The result was an unsightly edifice with progressing damage to the stone work.


In 1979, Congleton Architect was commissioned by the church board to assist in façade restoration and prepare a master plan for the church campus in the Highlands community. Using detailed   photographs, Congleton developed a task outline for chemical   removal of the paint and restoration of the façade.  Congleton worked with the church membership to  create a blueprint of services and facilities for St. Patrick’s as a mission church in the Hispanic North Denver neighborhood.

Today, the church campus houses a number of neighborhood-serving organizations.  Saint Patrick Mission Church is a Denver Landmark.

Saint Patrick Mission Church Today

Prior to Restoration

Chemical Stripping

Façade Rinse