Pacific Vista Apartments—


When the Monte Vista Shopping Center was     developed in the 1950’s, and expansion area was laid out with a central street serving properties on each side and at the upper end.  The upper parcel was developed by the Auto Association, but the side properties were never built out.  In the mid 1980’s, the City of Monterey approached the owner with the request to consider development of the property as housing.


Congleton Architect was commissioned to design a rental housing complex for the property.  Site constraints included the central street serving the upper Auto Association parcel and a hillside slope.  Congleton designed townhouse-units stepping up the hillside with “tuck under” parking and pedestrian areas separated from vehicle access.


Congleton responded to a limited floor area ratio by designing unit plans efficient in use of available floor space.  Two-bedroom townhouse units are 700 square feet;  one-bedroom affordable units are 450 square feet.