The Frank Damascio Residence—Denver


In 1895, Italian stone mason, Frank Damascio   constructed a Romanesque two-story brick and stone residence at 3611-15 Osage street.    Damascio was a member of the Mount Carmel Italian Catholic Church, one block away.  A colorful,     controversial, series of events occurred at the Church, involving a murdered priest, a nun who later attained sainthood, and a secessionist church which was built and later burned next door to the      Damascio residence.


When Brian Congleton purchased the Damascio residence in 1975, it was 30 days from        demolition, in a state of disrepair with major   structural problems.  Congleton stayed the    demolition order, corrected the structural issues, renovated the home, and obtained designation of the structure as a Denver landmark.


Today the landmark Damascio residence serves as a  corporate office building.


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