The Hansel Cottage– Carmel



In 1923, Hugh Comstock built a pair of small cottages (Hansel and Gretel) for his wife to display her otsy-totsy dolls. The witch-cottage designs were so popular that Comstock was commissioned to build approximately seventeen similar cottages in Carmel. The popularity of these cottages remains strong today.


In 1993, Congleton Architect was commissioned to design interior renovations to the Hansel Cottage.  The 255 square foot structure had an awkward floor plan and did not accommodate any place to sleep. Congleton proposed a ten-inch wide by 20’ long addition, plus modifications to the bathroom and conversion of an attic space to a loft. The renovated cottage is 290 square feet, and sleeps five.  It is designated by the City of Carmel as Historic.

Hansel Cottage today

Hansel Cottage in 1920’s