Golden Gate University

Marina Campus (former Ford Ord)



In 1996, Golden Gate University was conveyed a 7-acre parcel adjacent to CSU Monterey Bay, on the former Ford Ord Army Base.  Congleton Architect worked with Golden Gate to prepare a Master Plan for development of a new campus on the site (see Master Plans). The parcel included two existing classroom buildings.  Initial phase development focused on    renovation of the buildings to create a home for Golden Gate. 


Congleton Architect merged Golden Gate’s User   Program with funds available from a HUD Grant, to   update one classroom building and a portion of the site. Key to the design was creation of a new entry courtyard between the building and parking areas.  This outdoor space provides a sense of place for students coming and going to classes.  The design includes a new lecture hall, campus library, computer lab, and  barrier free access to all spaces.

Photo:  Alan McEwen