The Ghost Building – Denver


The Allen M. Ghost Building was constructed in 1895 at Fifteenth Street and Glenarm Place.  The three-story stone building was designed by William Lang, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


In 1979, plans were revealed for demolition of the Ghost Building to make way for a parking lot.  Historic Denver Inc. initiated a community-wide protest against the demolition.  Congleton Architect       conceived the idea of dismantling the façade and   relocating the building elsewhere, to save the historic structure.


Based on photographs of the building, Congleton prepared a 14’ long drawing showing and numbering every stone in the building façade.  These numbers were applied to the actual stones using latex paint, which would weather away in time.  With the support of Public Service Company of Colorado, the stone façade was dismantled and stored, then reconstructed at Eighteenth and Stout Streets in 1985.  Today the building houses a restaurant and offices.  The  relocation to save the Ghost Building resulted in its removal from the National Register.