Fort Ord Reuse Authority Campus– Marina

Occasionally a client program includes a list of critical needs, and limited resources with which to address them.  Such was the case when the Fort Ord Reuse Authority commissioned Congleton Architect to  develop a Master Plan for short-term use of a barracks complex on the former Fort Ord Army Base.


The site had been the visitor information center for the base, and included a number of barracks  structures adjacent to Highway One.  The Master Plan addressed traffic circulation and parking, adaptive building reuse, accessibility for disabled persons, and FORA identification within the maze of 1,200 barracks buildings, all painted yellow with green roofs.


Congleton Architect proposed using recycled paint to create a pallet of colors which would add interest and         differentiate the complex from adjacent unused     barracks.  Replacement of curbs and steps with wooden walkways accommodates access for persons with disabilities.  Proposed lighting and  signage    address safety and identification concerns.