First Murphy House– Carmel


In 1902, 17 year old Michael J. Murphy built a cottage on Mission Street for his mother and five sisters.  In Carmel tradition, the house started out as a tent, and then grew over time into a Victorian cottage.


In 1989, Historian Enid Sales approached  Congleton Architect to assist in relocation and historic recreation of the cottage.  At that time, the hip roof had been replaced with a craftsman style roof; the building was located behind newer commercial structures and was used for storage.


Using historic photographs, Congleton created designs for reconstruction of the hip roof structure and relocation of the building.


The building was lifted from its original site by crane, then trucked to its current location, a city owned site on Lincoln Street and restored to its original condition.


Today the Cottage serves as a Community  Center.  It was the City of Carmel’s first     designated Historic Structure.