Special Event Consulting

When the developer of a proposed concours auto event approached Congleton Architect, the question became, “what does an Architect design for a car show”?         Following a series of discussions between Architect and client, a detailed program was identified in answer to that question.


The proposed ‘Concours-on-the-Avenue’ was to take place as a one-day event on Ocean Avenue in Carmel.  Carmel's unique street scape served as a backdrop for the artistic presentation of beautiful and nostalgic vehicles as art. Congleton Architect was challenged with transforming a city street into an artistic venue, a “magic place” for car lovers. 


Vehicle layout was intended to accommodate placement of cars, viewing of cars by spectators, and maintenance of a fire lane throughout the complex.  The fire lane served a dual purpose, providing internal circulation of vehicles to awards pavilion and winners circle during the event. 


The focus on the event was the awards pavilion located at a critical intersection in the center of the show field.    Using concert trusses and platform, accentuated by floral elements.  


The event was designed to be set up, performed, and taken down within a 24 hour period.