California State Automobile Association

Antioch District Office -

PG & E Act2 Energy Conservation Pilot Project

Congleton Architect has designed four new offices and      sixteen office remodels for California Sate Automobile       Association.  The CSAA Antioch District Office was a unique project partnership between CSAA and PG&E for energy   conserving elements in buildings, by lowering user energy       demand.


Two building models were designed by Congleton Architect -  one a standard design meeting California energy              requirements, the other design employing a series of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs).  Each EEM was created and    engineered, then analyzed to determine if its implementation would result in energy savings in therms of gas or kilowatts of electrical consumption.  The final design includes daylighting via sun controlled skylights, plus a refined mechanical system, special glazing, and energy efficient building details. 


Congleton Architect incorporated the recommendations of 21 consulting firms into the design.  The resulting building shows a 74% energy savings compared to the base model design.


The CSAA Antioch District office building is a pioneer in LEED design for green technology.

Photos:  Gerald Ratto